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Nahichevanskaya Avtonomnaya Respublika, Duzdag Saxtasi Yolu, 1
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Located in Duzdag, Duzdag is located 18 km to Nakhchivan International Airport, 10 km to the center of Nakhchivan city and 2 km to Duzdag Physiotherapy Center. The hotel "Duzdag", which has a mysterious beauty, reflects the richness and richness of our history, which reflects the first acquaintance of the visitors of our city with the ancient history of Nakhchivan. Guests feel like they have gone to the richest places of our history. Starting from 2008, Duzdag Hotel has 6 floors, with a total of 151 rooms. 100 standard, 8 suites, 35 small suites, 1 king circle, 7 villas serve the highest comfort of guests. SPA and Fitness center, table games, mini-football and tennis, basketball court, wide aqua for roomy and ultra-modern equipment, television, telephone line, fast WI-FI intrnet line, minibar, secure safe, park, mini olympic pool and sauna. Guests are provided with airport shuttle service, city tour to the sights of the city, historical and religious monuments and travel guides. Rich menu, open buffet with high service, besides delicious dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine, rare pearls of world cuisine are offered here. Duzdag restaurant, which has a capacity of more than 300 people, has become a great destination for the people and guests in the organization of wedding, celebration parties, birthdays, jubilees, memorable days, events, entertaining nights. The "Duzdağ" hotel has been enjoyed by the spectacular scenery for open-air concerts, entertaining events and events designed for the summer season in the aqua park area. It serves the efficient and meaningful leisure of the people who come to our city. The beauty of the concerts of the local and foreign singers, the colorful performances, is of great importance in people's relaxation and mood. The Duzdag hotel has all the facilities created for the young residents (children) and provided with the necessary equipment for children's leisure. Additionally, there are extensive conditions for patients applying for treatment in the Duzdag Physiotherapy Center at Duzdag Hotel, where the treatment is being carried out on the basis of a professional doctor's diagnosis. Duzdag Physiotherapy Center provides services directly to the hotel. There is a 24-hour parking service for car parks and guards.








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